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RTM ready to continue TV Pendidikan - Saifuddin

RTM ready to continue TV  Pendidikan - Saifuddin
KKMM and MOE have collaborated to air TV Pendidikan programme to enable students to access learning materials other than online learning during the MCO period. -Bernama
KUANTAN: Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) is ready to continue the educational television programme, TV Pendidikan, even after schools reopen, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

He said the matter had to be decided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as RTM only provided the broadcast platform via Okey TV for two hours daily starting April 6 after schools were forced to be closed following the COVID-19 outbreak.
"The idea of TV Pendidikan will continue because even though schools have been reopened, the need for educational broadcast still exists. In fact, the idea of establishing the TV programme is already there, even before COVID-19," he told a press conference after the tabling of Indera Mahkota MP report card here today.

KKMM and MOE have collaborated to air TV Pendidikan programme to enable students to access learning materials other than online learning during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.
Senior Minister (Education) Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin on July 1 announced that schools would reopen in stages starting July 15.

On his performance report, Saifuddin said 50 per cent or RM1.9 million of the total RM3.8 million allocation as a member of Parliament was used for the development of people-friendly infrastructure projects, followed by RM1.15 million for management of programmes and activities while the remaining RM0.75 million for welfare and disaster.

He said among the people-friendly projects that had been carried out were the repairing of roads at five locations, the repairing and upgrading of facilities such as public hall, fishermen's centre, school and sports court as well as maintenance and cleaning works.

In addition, it also involved a special project to upgrade public facilities at Taman Bandar here, repairing escalators at Kuantan Central Terminal and pump installation at Semambu Water Treatment Plant.

Saifuddin also said that the tender for the upgrading work of Jalan Bukit Pengorak at a cost of RM250 million would be called soon while works involving Jalan Sungai Ular to Chendor would be included in the 12th Malaysia Plan.

"We have also spent RM450,000 for COVID-19 aid, involving over 4,000 recipients, including the handing over of food baskets, milk and disposable diapers, face masks and disinfectants as well as food packages to frontliners.

"We have also spent RM300,000 on the purchase of hospital beds and wheelchairs as well as repairing 13 homes and providing cash aid to 1,040 recipients," he said.

For operating expenditure, Saifuddin said it involved the implementation of programmes or activities for 16 secondary schools, primary schools (30), registered tahfiz centres (five), mosques and surau (40), temples (four), non-governmental organisations (15) and associations (73).

In addition, allocations have also been channelled to strengthen education in Indera Mahkota including programmes of excellence and increasing English proficiency, he said.

For the period up to May next year, Saifuddin said various programmes would be implemented including empowering the 'IMFutures' programme, introducing Pusat e-Dakwah and setting up a centre for arts and culture.


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