R.Sri Sanjeevan the crime watcher

R.Sri Sanjeevan the crime watcher
Together with former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, R.Sri Sanjeevan gained prominence in his a crusade against crime and corruption.

Through his NGO, Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force(MyWatch), both men rocked the news as they gave the public a glimpse into the various forces that influenced the police force, including politicians and underworld elements.
Sanjeevan, who was previously Aasthivaram Foundation Vice President and Negri Sembilan People’s Welfare Party (Kita) Chairman,  himself is no stranger to highlighting crime cases and of injustice. He has has been a vocal critic of not only street crime but police who allegedly abused their powers.

In recent years, the PKR leader has handled and highlighted a few cases, many of which were reported by Free Malaysia Today (FMT) news portal. Here are some of them:
July 2013 – Sanjeevan lodges a report at the Sepang police station claiming harassment by several individuals. He allegedl that he was followed by a group of five men when he was having a drink with his friend in LCCT.

July 2013 - A former drug pusher reveals that he paid between RM30,000 and RM50,000 a month to the police in Negeri Sembilan and Malacca for information on police stakeouts.

February 2013 - Sanjeevan reveals that workers at an illegal gambling outlet in Negeri Sembilan are being tipped off by policemen on impending raids.

January 2013 - A policeman from the Jelebu police headquarters allegedly threatened to shoot Sanjeevan minutes after he informed Bukit Aman of illegal gambling outlets operating in the area.

January 2013 - Sanjeevan claims in a press conference that crimes such as vehicle theft, abduction and extortion were categorised under non-index offences. He claimed that gangsterism is prevalent and the police were not being honest with statistics.

December 2012 – My Watch claims that it possessed evidence that top police officers are involved in criminal activities and threatened to make public the information unless the Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar agreed to meet with the group.

March 2012 - Sanjeevan highlights the case of 13-year-old S.Sunther who was allegedly tortured by two policemen in Jempol. Sunther was arrested on Feb 26 on suspicion of stealing jewellery.

December 2011 - Residents from the Seremban Jaya township complain about the rising number of illegal gaming, illegal massage parlours offering sexual services outlets in residential areas.

April 2011 - S.Devan was allegedly handcuffed and beaten by several plainclothes individuals claiming to be policemen after they failed to locate a friend.  Sanjeevan called upon the then-Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar to put an immediate end to such brutality.