PKR Youth chief candidate Amirudin unveils manifesto

PKR Youth chief candidate Amirudin unveils manifesto
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR Youth chief candidate Amirudin Shari today announced the manifesto for his team, “AMK Baru”, which will contest for the the youth wing positions in the upcoming party polls.

“In society, young people are seen as problems, but they are in fact the successors of our leaders one day,” said Amirudin, who is also Batu Caves state assemblyman.
Among the seven points of the manifesto, delivered in his speech to 150 AMK members, were:
  • To strengthen AMK: where the AMK should have a strong and effective structural organisation at every level;
  • To introduce educational and political training for members at all levels;
  • To defend the welfare of the young, regardless of political background, race, religion or educational status;
  • Student movements and activism for the young: AMK to introduce Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia(MKM) and be incorporated into the AMK structure, where the MKM president will automatically be an AMK exco;
  • Consensus youth coalition: Strengthening cooperation between young leaders from all three Pakatan component parties;
  • Towards Putrajaya: AMK to work towards winning the 14th General Election
Meanwhile, PKR Youth vice-president candidate Dr Afif Bahardin said he was confident that AMK Baru will be able to introduce politics of ideas that is based on ideals and not individuals.

Amirudin and his team of 22 members from various branches of the Youth wing will compete against the teams of two other candidates headed by Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi and Nazree Yunus.