'Occupy UM8' to relocate into campus grounds today

'Occupy UM8' to relocate into campus grounds today
The demonstration kicked off at 8.30am and the congregation will to the Student Affairs building located near Kompleks Perdana Siswa in UM. - Photo Astro AWANI/Syafique Shuib
KUALA LUMPUR: Consolidate efforts to pressure the management of Universiti Malaya (UM), have triggered 'Occupy UM8'  organisers to relocate the peaceful protest to the campus grounds, today.

The move was triggered after the university was said to have ignored their demands to revoke the punishments imposed on eight students for their involvement in the Oct 27 talk by Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
The demonstration kicked off at 8.30am Tuesday as the students will relocate to the Student Affairs building near the Kompleks Perdana Siswa, UM.

“Our demand to the management for it to drop the punishments on UM8 was Ignored by the management of the university.
Occupy UM8
Student activist, Adam Adli giving a talk to the Occupy UM8 demonstrators on Sunday. - Photo Astro AWANI/Syafique Shuib

"We seek the truth and in order to recover campus democracy, Occupy UM8 has decided to continue with this Occupy at the Student Affairs building, said Occupy UM8 coordinator, Wan Nur Syamimi on Sunday.

She said, mounting pressure will be placed on the university management until their demand is met.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night an approximately 100 students converged on the grounds of the university for Day 5 of 'Occupy UM8'.

Lawyer Michelle Yesudas and student activist Adam Adli were present to give talks.

Both laud the initiative by the students who took part in supporting ‘Occupy  UM8’.

“We need to have faith in our struggle. If we don’t do anything, no change will take place,” said Adam.

Solidarity with the eight students including Syamimi Munira, Khairul Anwar, Haw Yu Hong, Adam Fistival and Khairol Najib is behind ‘Occupy UM8’ which kicked off on Dec 10 by UM Student Council.