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No more cross-border roadblocks from tomorrow - Ismail Sabri

No more cross-border roadblocks from tomorrow - Ismail Sabri
Ismail Sabri said, PDRM would implement a new action plan under the Recovery Movement Control Order. - Pic BERNAMA
PUTRAJAYA: Starting Wednesday, there will be no more state cross-border roadblocks across the country following the termination of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Senior Minister (Security Cluster), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) would implement a new action plan under the Recovery Movement Control (RMCO) Order.
According to him, the PDRM will focus on compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) at business premises and public areas including shopping malls and night markets through the RMCO Special Monitoring Task Force involving the Malaysian Armed Forces, the Malaysian Volunteer Department (RELA) and the Maritime Malaysia Enforcement Agency (APMM).

"Today is the last day of the CMCO and the PDRM will put in place a new action plan under the Recovery Movement Control  Order (RMCO) which will start tomorrow until August 31.
"The PDRM will pull back all roadblocks across the country starting June 10, 2020. Today is the last day since tomorrow there is no need for cross-border permits," he said at a press conference here on Tuesday.

In a related development, he said the number of vehicles inspected by the PDRM continued to decline to 188,804 on Monday, compared with 194,450 the day before.

He said the PDRM also detained 94 individuals for violating the CMCO.

"In addition, the PDRM also issued compounds to 77 individuals, including seven of them at a roadblock," he said.

"The inspections were being carried out at 134 cross-border roadblocks across the country," he added.

Meanwhile, Ismail Sabri said the PDRM-led Compliance Operations Task Force conducted 73,206 inspections on Monday to monitor and enforce the CMCO's SOP compliance.

He also said the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) had conducted 7,817 sanitation operations covering 132 zones as of Monday.

"Yesterday, a total of 37 sanitation operations were conducted in 28 zones involving 10 states including Sabah (12 operations), Sarawak (eight operations) and Johor (six operations)," he said.

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