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Newborn thrown out from 13th floor apartment in Air Itam

Newborn thrown out from 13th floor apartment in Air Itam
The police also detained the girls 18-year-old boyfriend at his house in Jalan Penawar, here, at about noon today. - PDRM photo
GEORGE TOWN: A teenage girl threw out her newborn baby girl from the 13th floor of her family’s apartment unit in Bandar Baru, Air Itam, here, today.

The normal baby girl, who died from severe head injuries, was found at 8.18 am by residents who informed the police.

Northeast district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said the police were informed of the incident after residents stumbled upon the remains at the parking area on the fourth floor.

“When found, the baby was naked and not moving, believed to have died near the stairs to the parking lot on the fourth floor and they covered the body with a box,” he said here today.
Following a preliminary investigation, he said police succeeded in detecting and arresting an 18-year-old, believed to be the mother of the unfortunate baby, who lived on the 13th floor of the apartment to assist in investigations.

Soffian said the teenage girl, a college student, confessed to having an affair, had sexual intercourse with her boyfriend and got pregnant but kept it a secret from her family.
“The girl revealed that she had woken up at 6 am with a stomach ache. While in the toilet she tried to pass motion but as she was straining the baby came out and fell into the toilet bowl. She heard the baby’s cries,” he said.

He said, in a state of panic, she wrapped her baby in a T-shirt she was wearing and threw her out through the backroom window of the unit on the 13th floor.

The police also detained the girl’s 18-year-old boyfriend at his house in Jalan Penawar, here, at about noon today.

“The body of the baby was sent to Penang Hospital for a post-mortem while the couple will be brought to court for a remand order tomorrow for further investigation,” he explained.

Soffian said the case is being investigated for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, a resident at the same apartment block, Ahmad Nizam Bakar, 46, said he knew about the incident after a call from his neighbour saying there was the body of a baby in a horrible condition below their units.

He then rushed down to check out and found the lifeless baby with a smashed head and other severe injuries on her body.

“I got a call from a neighbour and found the baby girl was already dead when I arrived. I immediately called the security guard before contacting the police. We also covered the body with a box and I could not bring myself to look at her shattered head,” he said.


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