Najib is powerless against Taib Mahmud, claims Rafizi

Najib is powerless against Taib Mahmud, claims Rafizi
PETALING JAYA: PKR Strategic Director Rafizi Ramli today belittled the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for not being able to do anything on the barring of the Sarawak Report founder, Clare Rewcastle Brown into Sarawak.

The Pandan MP claimed that Najib is 'powerless' against the Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud due to the fact Taib leads the country's second largest political party (along with other smaller parties), which is able to influence the number of Parliamentary seats gained by the government.

"Prime Minister is so weak that I think he is powerless with Taib Mahmud. I think if Najib has his way Taib Mahmud will not be the chief minister of Sarawak," said Rafizi during a press conference at PKR's headquarters on Friday.
He said if Najib were to be more stern against Taib, the country will witness a different government - which means that Taib's influence in the Parliamentary seats may cause a change in the country's rule.

"So don't expect any bravado from Najib. I think Najib will just have to 'clean the mess' created in Sarawak while he is in his trip in London," he said.

Commenting on Brown's restriction into Sarawak, Rafizi described it as 'embarrassing', pointing that the former is harmless because 'she is just one person'.

"The fact that the Sarawak state government does not dare to allow a lone crusader who believes and fully convinced of the righteousness in what she does and the fact that the Sarawak government is not willing to engange her in court where it does have advantage, just confirms everyone's belief that the Sarawak government has a lot to hide," said Rafizi.

He said the act of barring her will embolden her even more knowing by her persistent nature.

"So I think it was a very bad public relation show by Taib Mahmud but on the other hand it's good that it will create publicity that Clare has to champion," Rafizi added.

On Wednesday, Brown was barred from entering Sarawak to meet her lawyers regarding a lawsuit that had been filed against her in the High Court here in May.

Brown, who hails from Britain, arrived at the Kuching International Airport from Singapore at 1.15pm Wednesday and was issued a notice of refusal of entry by immigration authorities and was deported on the next flight to Singapore at 3.40pm.