Najib: Accept GE13 first before talk on national reconciliation

Najib: Accept GE13 first before talk on national reconciliation
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said that the pre-condition for national reconciliation was for everyone to accept results of the 13th General Election.

Responding to a question in Parliament raised by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang, Najib said that the government has plans to set up a National Consultative Council on Unity.

"In our efforts to reach national reconciliation, firstly the results of the election must be accepted. There are various channels for you to question the processes," said Najib.
Najib said that the Council will be looking at three areas, namely: How can we tackle polarisation race, how do we promote religious understanding, how can policies be socially inclusive.

He said that the Council will also invite those from civil society, academics and politicians from both political divide.

In his supplementary question, Lim asked if the Government was prepared to stop 'punishing people over the GE13 result'.

"National reconciliation has become more like national retaliation. Jonker street is a very obvious example. BN itself does not want to accept the results of the rakyat.

"Through a series of statements it showed that the government is race baiting. Things like if you don't like you can migrate... the statements by a former judge. Shows a very racist trend," said the Gelang Patah MP.
In reply, Najib said it was never-ending if both parties continue finger pointing.

"If you rebukes us. We also can rebuke those on ur side. If we keep this up we can't end this. That's why I said that the GE13 results must be accepted before we talk about reconciliation."

In another supplementary question DAP's Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham asked if the government really wanted national reconciliation as state agencies were 'still discriminating against Pakatan reps', giving several examples.

"There is no need to go into specifics. If you want I can give a lot of examples too... there are a lot of things being said and done (by the Opposition) it is on youtube. If you really want national reconciliation, accept the election results."