MRT project to have 21 special crossing spans

MRT project to have 21 special crossing spans
PETALING JAYA: A total of 21 special crossing spans along the 51km stretch of the Mass Rapid Transit project will be implemented timely.

MRT Corp Strategic Communications and Public Relations director, Amir Mahmood Razak said these special crossing spans of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line includes the North Klang Valley Expressway Crossing, KTM Sungai Buloh to Jalan Kuala Selangor, 1Utama (new wing) to the Old Wing and Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang and many more.
CROSSING SPAN: The construction works for Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang will start on October 23 for a period of a month.

"For the time being, we are in the midst of constructing the first special crossing span across Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang," said Amir Mahmood during the media briefing at the construction of special crossing span of Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang at Kota Damansara this morning.

The 65m-long and 12m-high special crossing will go across the road from the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) in Sungai Buloh to Sungai Buloh Industrial Park in Kota Damansara . The construction will start next Wednesday for one month.
"These special crossings at Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang are among the first of 21 special spans that will be constructed across the elevated section of MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line," he said.

The Challenges

When asked about the challenges to construct the MRT works at the construction area, Amir Mahmood said they had received many comments and complaints especially from residents near the area.

SPECIAL SPANS: These special crossings of Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang are among the first of 21 special spans that will be constructed across the elevated section of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line.

“Most of our projects were built around residential areas, ‘sandwhiched’ between housing estates and busy roads like SPRINT highway. We received complaints like it's too noisy and our project is too close to their houses , causing a lot nuisance for them.

Amir Mahmood added contractors appointed by MRT Corp cannot simply park or place their heavy machineries and equipment especially in the housing areas.

“Even our working schedule states that drilling work cannot be carried out after 10 pm as it would disrupt  residents, who will be going to sleep,” he said.

He said  36 per cent of the project work has been the completed and the first phase of the construction is expected to be completed on December 2016 while the second phase is scheduled to be completed by July 2017.

“So far we received mixed feedback and reaction from residents, some of them support the project while there those, who have objected but we can’t please everyone.

"However, we still need their feedback regarding the project , so we engage them before construction works begin and during the project implementation,” he said.

Amir Mahmood, cited an example with MRT Corp bringing residents or residents' association representatives to their information centre located at Kota Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Kajang to further explain about the flow of the project.

“We constantly hold dialogues with the residents to inform them about our work area, construction schedule  and the contact numbers if there are problems regarding the project,” he said.

During the implementation of the project also, MRT Corp will also notify the residents' associations via mail  if they had to work overtime especially late night.