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Movement Control Order extended until April 14, 2020

Movement Control Order extended until April 14, 2020
The Prime Minister said the duration of the order would be reviewed from time to time. Bernama picture.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended until April 14, 2020, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced today.

He said the extension of the period was made earlier so that the people would be better prepared.

"The government has decided the duration of the Movement Control Order will be extended to April 14, 2020. I announced the extension earlier so that all of you can be prepared," he said in a televised address on Wednesday.

Therefore, those who have returned to their hometowns are reminded not to return to the capital yet.
"Those of you who are in the kampungs do not have to hurry back to Kuala Lumpur this weekend. Stay in the kampungs and do not go anywhere.

“Children who are supposed to go back to the hostels need not do so yet. Just wait a while.
"The offices that are still closed need not to be reopened yet. If there is an important matter to be taken care of in the next two or three weeks, plan from now on how to manage them," he said.

The Prime Minister said the duration of the order would be reviewed from time to time.

"If there is a need for it to be extended further, I will make an announcement on it. It is important that I ask all of you to be ready to stay at home longer," he added.

Muhyiddin said the people have to be mentally and physically prepared to stay home for a longer period of time.

"I have been briefed by the Ministry of Health and the National Security Council. The current trend shows new cases of COVID-19 positive is still ongoing," he said.

The prime minister has also instructed all ministries to make the necessary preparations to address the basic needs of the people during the duration of the Movement Control Order.

"It is important to ensure all essentials are available and adequate. These include food, electricity and water supply, waste collection and sewerage services, communication and logistics facilities as well as public safety and order," Muhyiddin said.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, is aware that in this situation, many people would need support and assistance.

"Yesterday I have announced several initiatives to ease the burden of the people in this difficult situation.

"Today, I have announced another initiative of delaying bank loan repayments by up to six months and restructuring credit card balances and corporate loans," he said.

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