MH370: Prayers and support continues for missing plane

MH370: Prayers and support continues for missing plane
KUALA LUMPUR: As the search and rescue (SAR) mission for MH370 aircraft enters its 11th day, Malaysians continue to pray endlessly, asking God for the safety of the crew and passengers on board.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup said prayers organised by various religious bodies demonstrated the unity among Malaysians when facing a common problem.
"It is heartening to see all Malaysians unite and be together in prayers to ensure the safety of their family, relatives and friends of MH370," Kurup told the media at the 'Pray for the Missing Flight - MH370' prayer service organised by the Malaysian Christian Youth Association (MYCA) and Uniti, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) here, on Monday.

Kurup also advised the public to obtain first-hand information from the authorities so as not to confuse the families and loved ones of passengers and crew of MH370.

"Fabricating stories and speculation will only weaken us, so I urge everyone to have the confidence in our government which is trying very best to overcome this crisis. Be patient and give your full moral support to the authorities," he said.

The prayer service, joined by more than 100 Christians, also saw Kurup launching Uniti's 'Tie A Blue Ribbon for MH370' campaign that prints the word 'Pray for MH370 crew, passengers and families'.

Uniti's coordinator Jason Leong said the blue ribbon, to be distributed at selected locations in the Klang Valley, was a symbol of its support, hope and a reminder for all Malaysians o pray for MH370.