MH17 tragedy a test from God, says Mufti Menk

MH17 tragedy a test from God, says Mufti Menk
Mufti Menk during his meeting with Najib on Monday
KUALA LUMPUR: Zimbabwe Mufti, Ismail Musa Menk asked for all parties to stop blaming the Malaysian Government and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) for what happened to Flight MH17.

The famous scholar widely known as Mufti Menk, stressed that what happened that day was an act of God and not the fault of the government or MAS, as neither would have been able to stop the tragedy.
Mufti Menk described the actions of those spreading rumours related to the plane crash as irresponsible.

He said the incident was not the wrath of Allah against past mistakes made by the Malaysian Government or MAS, but a mere test.

He said this during his 30-minute meet with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in Putrajaya, in an effort to show the solidarity of Zimbabwe Muslims towards Malaysians.

Mufti Menk also believes that all Muslims who died in the tragedy are martyrs (syahid).