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MH17: International film maker pays tribute for those affected

MH17: International film maker pays tribute for those affected
IN MEMORIAL: A tribute piece told by filmmakers from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur
KUALA: As the world is still reeling from the recent Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 tragedy, documentary film maker and founder of Raisch Studios, Michael Raisch has produced a tribute video for those affected by the tragic incident.

Entitled “MH17 in Memorial”, “ A Majestic National Symbol”, the non-profit tribute is created with contributions from Malaysia to Amsterdam to remember the passengers and crew of MH17.
Narrated by Astro AWANI’s reporter Izza Izelan, the video tells the story of the ‘wau bulan’ or the moon kite, a proud majestic national symbol of the country, which serves as the inspiration of the national carrier’s logo.

“A majestic national symbol to Malaysia that has been more than a part of our identity but also as a symbol of soaring high into the sky and reaching our dreams,”
“The wau flies high with every Malaysia Airline aircraft that carries it with pride,” Izza narrates.

The video is also accompanied by a collection of images shared by aviation photographers of the MH17’s 17 years of service.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO : http://vimeo.com/101598253

Previously, Raisch Studio’s also produced a tribute piece to Malaysia Airlines MH370 using images of the aircraft captured by aviation photographers around the world.

The tribute piece comprised photos taken of MH370 taken since October 5, 2004 at Vienna, Australia during the plane’s takeoff, to its last image captured on February 28, 2014 when it landed in Los Angeles, United States.

Michael Raisch founded and launched Raisch Studios in 2003, a online creative outlet that has since produced photographic tributes, time-lapse films, and short documentaries on events such as One World Trade Center Time Lapse, Post 9/11 photography and tributes to MH370 and MH17.