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K-Pop acts ain't masculine...look for tall, dark, handsome men instead - KJ

K-Pop acts ain't masculine...look for tall, dark, handsome men instead - KJ
KJ: Look for tall, dark and handsome men over pale skinny and pretty men. - File Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: Here’s an advice for adoring female fans of K-Pop music from the Youth and Sport Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin: Ladies, look for tall, dark and handsome men instead of pale, skinny and pretty men!

Khairy was referring to a YouTube video featuring several Malaysian girls in hijab kissing a member of a K-Pop outfit from South Korea, B1A4, during a meet-and-greet session held at KL Live at Life Centre, on Saturday.

The video has gone viral on social media and Khairy on his Twitter nonchalantly characterised the male artistes as "unmasculine".
The three-minute-and-21-second video shows several Malay girls hugging the group members.

Organised by TGM Event, the company charged between RM199 and RM799 as admission fees to the meet-and-greet session.

B1A4 is a music outfit from South Korea signed under WM Entertainment. The band’s debut album, titled ‘O.K’ was released in 2011.

The quintet comprises Jung Jin Young, Shin Dong Woo, Lee Jung Hwan, Cha Seon Woon and Gong Chan Sik.

The hashtag #menentangkejahatanpop has drawn a hotchpotch of responses from many quarters lambasting the act.

Some deemed the act as below-the-belt, some even advised fans to control their obsession without compromising the code of Islam.

muslim girl

muslim girl

A Twitter user, keezm who was at the event wrote that what had transpired was uncontrollable by the master of ceremony.

keezm also said that the MC was notified about the incident, but the girl retorted by nonchalantly replying that she would not stop.

muslim girl

Astro AWANI attempted to contact the organiser, but to no avail.