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Job survival is the main 'scheme of thing' for the people

Job survival is the main 'scheme of thing' for the people
Since last week, we have been told of a -number- that is rumoured to be a total gain of parliamentarians supports for the opposition to return to the clout. - Filepic
REGARDLESS of how many times we change the government in a 5-year term like we charge our smartphones up in a day, people’s job sustainability can’t still be saved by politicians.

When politicians, be they elected or anointed, are busy vying for a certain position for their political longevity, people like us are worried of remaining money in our bank accounts.

People’s survival seems to be unfocused as some political figures, whose principles are full of confusions, keep chasing after remunerative positions without actually realising that each of them comes with heavy responsibilities to the people.

Since last week, we have been told of a “number” that is rumoured to be a total gain of parliamentarians’ supports for the opposition to return to the clout.

Although it’s yet to be assured, some politicians and their supporters are very excited about getting the “good news”, but for people who are uninterested about politics, they could ask, “How many times a country allowed for a change of government?”

Democracy, undeniably, has been faded by certain greedy politicians who still remain in politics just for the sake of immortally retaining their richness.

We lack politicians who are very serious about empowering people through the economy.

Instead of being served with visible implementations, we have been much entertained by “economic agendas” that are regularly played by politicians’ mouths as if they really understand about people’s real poverty and obstacles to earn a steady monthly income.

Without an efficiently-ministered economy, jobs fail to be channelled to people, and without having a job, besides a bad stigma faced by a jobless man in the society, people can’t feed rice into their mouths to live for another day.

Renault, a globally-known carmaker headquartered in France, recently announced its plan to cut about 14,600 jobs with 4,500 is from the country’s operation.

The car brand intends to narrow its production, which heavily reflects the creation of unemployment that will be suffered by its menpower.

With thousands or millions of unemployment expected to happen soon, we don’t feel the readiness of politicians entrusted to administer the country’s finances, human resources and economics to face such a possibility. 

* Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz is an independent writer who now views politics as something that can be researched.

**The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of Astro AWANI.


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