IGP vows to probe 'dirty cop' angle in shooting of Sri Sanjeevan

IGP vows to probe 'dirty cop' angle in shooting of Sri Sanjeevan
KUALA LUMPUR: The police will investigate all angles and allegations, including those involving their own officers, in relation to the attempted murder of anti-crime NGO MyWatch chairman  R.Sri Sanjeevan said Negri Sembilan police chief Osman Salleh.

According to the latest information, Osman said that Sri Sanjeevan was in stable condition.

Earlier this morning Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that the police will be closely monitoring the investigation via his Twitter account . He also said that the director of CID will personally supervise the case.

Khalid added they will carry out a thorough investigation before any arrest will be made and hoped that Sanjeevan will have a speedy recovery.

Last night former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan claimed via his Twitter account said that the attempted murder on Sri Sanjeevan was linked  to an expose on police personnel with crime syndicate links.

Hassan hope that police carry out a thorough investigation into tracing the suspect as Sanjeevan had received several threats.

Sri Sanjeevan, was gunned down late yesterday afternoon by two unknown men in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan.

The shooting occurred at 4.30pm near a traffic junction in Taman Awana Indah, Taman Cempaka.

According to a source, Sanjeevan was going out for a drink a friend and was driving a silver BMW.

He was apparently smoking and had his windshield down when two men on a red motorcycle came from behind.

The pillion rider then took out a gun and shot at Sanjeevan. He was injured in his right chest by one bullet but it is unclear how many shots were fired.

“The rider came down from the motorcycle but the victim managed to drive off,” said the source.
The 29-year-old is in critical condition at the Kuala Pilah Hospital.

Yesterday Musa Hassan had said that he felt “very bad” over what has happened.

“I think he should not be treated this way for what is he trying to do, to reduce crime and help clean up force,” Musa, who is the patron of MyWatch.

Musa urged the police to investigate this incident thoroughly as Sanjeevan had received numerous threates prior to this due to the exposes.

“The police should also probe the allegations of abuse of power and corruption and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission should also probe further,” said Musa.

Since it was launched, MyWatch has been a vocal critic on crime-related matters, especially that of allegedly corrupt police of all ranks which it linked to underworld syndicates.

Subsequently, Sanjeevan himself has been harrassed several times and also received numerous death threats including those he alleged came from policemen themselves.

Meanwhile, People's Welfare and Rights Coalition(POWER) president S. Gobi Krishnan said that Sanjeevan was unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

"Condition is very critical and the doctors said they will be bringing him to the Seremban hospital for an operation.

"The Inspector-General of Police himself must investigate this. I suspect the police as Sanjeevan has previously said that Negeri Sembilan police had threatened him before," said the former MyWatch advisor.