'I want you to be in one piece, not in pieces' - Major Yazmi's mother

'I want you to be in one piece, not in pieces' - Major Yazmi's mother
Datin Hanizah Ibrahim (center) could not hold back her tears when she saw her youngest being burried. - Astro AWANI / Shahir Omar
KUALA LUMPUR: "I want you in one piece, not in pieces."

That was the last advice given by Datin Hanizah Ibrahim, mother of Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Hawk 108 pilot Major Yazmi Mohamed Yusof who was killed yesterday during a routine training flight.

RMAF officers who are also friends of Allahyarham, assisted in the funeral of Major Yazmi in Titiwangsa. - Astro Awani / Shahir Omar

“I feel very lost, he was the golden child of the family. His other siblings really love him too. If he was scolded, he would never answer back.

“I said to him, ‘You have my blessings as a pilot. I want you to die in one piece, not in pieces'.
“He (Yazmi) did not answer. That was the last conversation we had,” said Hanizah after her son's funeral at the Titiwangsa Muslim cemetery, here today.

Hanizah also recalled her last conversation with her fourth child three days ago.

“I did not expect him to go first. I thought it would be me. The last time he called me was Tuesday night.

“He said he will be flying to Kuantan, he was training in Kuantan, and asked me to pray for him. I answered, I pray for all, the army, navy and the air force. I pray for all of you and the country.

“I asked, are you coming home for Raya? He said he's going back to Teluk Intan,” Hanizah explained.

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The late Major Yazmi leaves his widow, Noor Shafora Izwa Mohd Hilmi and six children, Mikhail Adam Riaz, 11, Mukhriz Anwar Riaz, 10, Muaz Addin Riaz, 7, a pair of twins, Mika Adden Riaz and Mika Addin Riaz, each 4 Ayman Riaz years and Musa Ayman Riaz, 3 years. - Astro Awani / Shahir Omar

Hanizah has willingly accepted the fact that her son had died and promised to ensure that all six of her grandchildren would receive proper education even without a father.

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