Husbands, enjoy the World Cup but please mind the baby too!

Husbands, enjoy the World Cup but please mind the baby too!
Not much have been written about what many female folks feel about the World Cup and their husbands obsession with the game.
KUALA LUMPUR: The World Cup season is here and most men around the world will be thrilled beyond words, shouting at top of their lungs in support of their favourite team, forgetting that half of the world will be asleep at that time.

These men also will be more than happy to ‘accidentally’ forget all their responsibilities.

These unshaken ‘relationship’ between men and football, more often than not, irks women and stresses them out.

Up to now, countless articles have been written about how wives and girlfriends should behave during the World Cup season, the rules bordering on giving their male partners the ultimate freedom and be conjoined with the game.

A perfect example their (husbands and boyfriends) include, hogging the television remote control, not talking during the game and supporting the team that their male counterparts support.
However, not much has been written about what many female folks feel about the whole World Cup hype and their husbands’ obsession with 22 men chasing after one ball.

So, here are what some of these wives and girlfriends have to say about their men’s love for the game, and what is the one thing that they hope their husbands and boyfriends will do:

Siti Hariani Othman, Cyberjaya:

“I don’t have the problem of watching my favourite shows during the World Cup season as my husband has his own television set. However, since the matches are shown during the wee hours of the morning, I just hope he will mind our baby when she wakes up during the night for feeding.  Mind the baby, take care of her and then both of them can watch the matches together and let me sleep peacefully.”

Nirmala Karapiah, Sri Petaling:

“I wish he would not be obsessed with the game to the point of not attending functions like weddings and birthdays. I also need him to spend more quality time with the family as the games usually take place during the night and he will sleep during the day. It means less quality time for the family.”

Shashikala Vadivelu, Ampang:

“I hope he doesn't spend too much time in front of the television, cheering for his favourite team, but try minding the kids as well.”

Janet Chan, Semenyih:

“I wish when I am cooking or busy with other household chores, he would take care of my children instead of being glued to the television all the while. It is tiring to cook, clean and look after the kids when your husband watches the game all day long.”

Kavitha Jana, Kuala Lumpur:

"Please help me in the kitchen and take me out for 'jalan-jalan'. He also should not think of sleeping early or sleep only until the afternoon."