#GajiAwal: Be smart and disciplined in managing finances - Cuepacs

#GajiAwal: Be smart and disciplined in managing finances - Cuepacs
AZIH: They have to be more disciplined in managing their financial matters.
KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants must manage their expenses wisely as the 46-day wait between July and August salaries might turn into financial disaster if they do not plan well.

The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Service (CUEPACS) president Datuk Azih Muda said with early salaries, civil servants have to be more disciplined.

Civil servants have already received their salary last Thursday and are scheduled to get the July's salary as early as the 9th. Their next salary will be paid on August 25.
“During Hari Raya, they will have to spend for the family needs and wants, as well as paying utility bills and other expenses,” Azih told Astro AWANI.

“They have to be smart this time around and be more disciplined in managing their financial matters," he added.

He also cautioned the civil servants not to overspend their July salary as they need to save as much as they can so it can be used after the celebration.

“If they fail to manage wisely, they will face difficulties,” said Azih, adding that the particular situation has never happened before and Cuepacs has no authority to change it.

He added, if such matter happens every year, it might be solved by proposing some sort of system rotation in salary payment or other adjustments.

“Civil servants, however, have to adapt to the situation. All this while Cuepacs has been helping them in assisting their financial arrangements and needs. This time around, they must help themselves,” said Azih.