Education fund for Johor homeless SPM scorer solely for studies - Teacher

Education fund for Johor homeless SPM scorer solely for studies - Teacher
Farah (centre), flanked by Suraya and Zaikhan, was all smiles as she showed her SPM results here today.
PASIR GUDANG: Suraya Abdul Rahim, the teacher responsible in caring for the homeless SPM candidate who obtained 6As today assured that the education fund for Farah Marcella Bandie will be used solely to pay for her studies.

Suraya said, the bank account was established under her brother, Zaikhan's name was due to security reason.

She promised that the money will be used wisely and not fall into the hands of any irresponsible quarters.

“Farah is a generous individual, she will offer her help immediately. I’m worried if the money is mismanaged and hinder her ambition to pursue her studies,” said Suraya to Astro AWANI here today.
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Suraya said she is also confident that her brother would be the most suitable candidate to manage the fund – largely donated by concerned parties.
Farah said she is happy and grateful with her SPM results. Her hard work and perseverance had paid off, the tudung-clad Farah admitted.

“It was extremely challenging to do the revisions in just two months. All that had paid off,” said Farah.
Farah’s ordeal living in destitute received positive feedback from netizens, thanks to a Facebook post by Suraya recently.

The UMNO Welfare Bureau today had pledged to offer financial assistance to Farah to enable her to pursue her studies at a higher learning institution.