Dr Haron Din serves his life for the people - close friend

Dr Haron Din serves his life for the people - close friend
Dr Haron Din seems to have completed his mission when he managed to get Darussyifa' recognised by the Health Ministry and recently set up the Yayasan Darussyifa' Malaysia.
BANGI: There is no other, except to offer his service to the public, for the completion of the Islamic law - that was how a close friend described the late Datuk Dr Haron Din.

Abdul Rashid Ahmad said, Haron, 76, who passed away in the United States (US) yesterday, once told him, God gave him life for him to complete things which are not perfect.
"He has devoted his life to the community. I could still recall, when he returned from the US about two years ago, he said, Allah has given him this life to make perfect certain things."

"He put his effort to make sure Darussyifa' is accepted and recognised by the Health Ministry under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Alhamdulillah," he said at Pusat Rawatan Islam Darussyifa' here last night.
Besides winning recognition from the ministry, the PAS Spiritual Leader also managed to complete his mission to establish the Yayasan Darussyifa' Malaysia (Darussyifa' Foundation of Malaysia).

"Recently, he also launched the foundation. That was one of his goals which he has stated before.

"Obviously, when we see these two things have been successful, it seems that the time has come for him to go back to his Creator," Abdul Rashid said.

Apart from politics, Haron was active in doing dakwah (preaching) and giving talks on Islam as well as helping those seeking his help for treatment under the traditional healing method.

He became PAS spiritual leader in March 2015 following the death of his predecessor Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat in February last year.

He began his active involvement in the Islamic party in 1974 at the age of 34 before being appointed as a member of the PAS Central Working Committee (1975-1983).

He had also once been the party's information chief, a member of its Ulama Syura Council and deputy spiritual leader.

Abdul Rashid was one of Haron's close friends where they have together ventured into the Islamic medical treatment field since 1985.

After suffering from heart complications for some time, Haron breathed his last at 10.05 am (Malaysian time) yesterday at Stanford University Hospital, San Francisco.

The eminent Islamic scholar and a pioneer in Islamic medicine in Malaysia, passed away in the presence of his close family members.

He was undergoing treatment for his critical condition at the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. He leaves his wife Datin Khatijah Din, two sons and three daughters.