Counting down to KL Fashion Week 2014

As the whole world is counting down to one of the world’s most highly anticipated sporting event,  the World Cup 2014, another highly anticipated event is also counting down to its curtain raiser next week in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia’s fashion industry event, the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 or KLFW organised by Andrewsmodels will kick-off on June 18 and end on June 22. This four day glitzy fashion event like any other fashion week around the world showcases top-notch fashion designers and labels, strutting their exclusive collections on the runways.

Themed Malaysia for the World, the second KLFW creates a platform for buyers and the media to have a sneak-peek at the latest local and Asian fashion trends. It also serves as a field where fashion players exchange notes on what’s in store and is offered for the industry throughout the year.

This year’s Visit Malaysia Year has jumped on this fashion wagon as an official supporter, to heighten the tourism industry via fashion. The vibrant KL will be buzzing even more with two major shopping malls in the city – LOT 10 and Avenue K, bridging the gap between mass shoppers and fashion labels by having pop-up stores in their premise in conjunction with KLFW 2014.

KLFW is focused on featuring a selection of commendable runway shows with Asian’s unique flavour of lines and structure. According to its founder, Andrew Tan, KLFW is looking to make an impact in the mass-market of fashion and hope to change the mindset of younger generation shoppers that Malaysian designers are on par with international retail markets.

KLFW Ready-to Wear 2014 will officially launch on June 16 at its official venue at the Pavillion Kuala Lumpur where fashionable attendees can expect over 80 local designers with a mixed of the established and emerging designers.

From Malaysia’s regular fashion players and designers, the likes of Datuk Tom Abang Saufi, Datuk Farah Khan and Khoon Hooi as well as the young and the talented pools of designers ,among others are Syomir Izwa, Alia Bastamam, Joe Chia to fresh designers straight from fashion school like UITM 8 and even new Malaysian labels like SHOW3. This year’s KLFW will also welcome other prominent Asian fashion designers like Sleeping Pills from Thailand, Ghea Paggabean of Indonesia and many more.