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Conditional MCO tests our human discipline

Conditional MCO tests our human discipline
Don't take the "conditional MCO" for granted that we can go out for a shopping and half-marathon run as if what currently happens is just a global prank. - Filepic
HUMAN beings are not animals, and every breathing human being has a differential specialty that won’t ever be owned by animals: mind.

With a mind that’ specially programmed to rationalise a human being’s ability to think humanly, its creation never means to make us, human beings, a failed faculty on this earth.

The faculty of human beings has been critically challenged as we are being invisibly invaded by Coronavirus, a hell-born virus.

And the Coronavirus is actually a God-sent test for the faculty of human beings that testifies our true human discipline in appreciating a life survival.

Unfortunately, human beings are forgetful that the life survival they have been enjoying is mortal. And its mortality, at this dark time when every land of this world is being restricted from being freely walked by human beings, is near and certain if they act like a mindless animal.

A long-caged cow will walk heedlessly once it’s released. It walks here and there joyfully on the road without mindfully braining that it would die if it’s hit by a car.

Do human beings act the same way as the cow, don’t they?

As the movement control order is about to be less stricter than before, many of us (who really concern about life) are doubtful that the “conditional MCO” is a rational decision.

Based on what the Prime Minister said, the people could even go out for a run, and as a runner, I was wondering how could a “social distancing” be practiced if many people run in the same park?

Regardless of how the “conditional MCO” will look like, we, the human beings, must remain thinking and acting like a real human being.

We don’t deserve a single defeat to our mutually-fought COVID-19 after weeks of complying (those who really do) the MCO.

On Saturday, a day after the PM’s conditional-MCO announcement, photos of crowds going out like a normal day went viral and they made me really believe that our people are still brainless about being safe as we are reminded everyday.

The COVID-19 is still alive, and it doesn’t simply go away if we’re not respecting the new norm that needs us to stay at home and practice safe lifestyles by doing a social distancing and regularly washing or sanitising hands. 

Don’t take the “conditional MCO” for granted that we can go out for a shopping and half-marathon run as if what currently happens is just a global prank.

Despite the MCO being made “conditional”, we must remain being a human being.

A true human being doesn’t harm himself by ignoring what shouldn’t be defied during this bitter year of the earth battling against the evil virus.

Treat this worldly battle seriously by not going out of our homes for nothing. Works can wait but life is irreplaceable.

MCO is defining the civilisation of the faculty of human beings. The civilisation that can only be built if everyone of us steadily maintains the human discipline.

 * Amerul Azry Abdul Aziz is an independent writer who now views politics as something that can be researched.

**The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of Astro AWANI.

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