Cloud seeding operations to continue

Cloud seeding operations to continue
KUALA LUMPUR: The Meteorological Department will continue cloud seeding in tackling the haze and drought as the probability of rain is 80 percent.

Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah said cloud seeding can only be done if there are towering cumulus clouds which contain moist air.
"Clouds suitable for cloud seeding are not always available and seeding can only be done if the atmospheric conditions and the clouds are not so stable," he told reporters after launching Magic Zlate 11 computer, here Thursday.

The Meteorological Department had since last week done four cloud seeding operations which successfully induced rain.

Abu Bakar said the Meteorological Department conducts monitoring daily to identify suitable locations for cloud seeding.

"The Meteorological Department in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is on standby with cloud seeding equipment.

"They will do cloud seeding when there are suitable clouds," he added.