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Business as usual for Mount Kinabalu climbing activities

Business as usual for Mount Kinabalu climbing activities
During the earthquake this morning, those who were at the summit of Mount Kinabalu felt it and immediately climbed down. - Filepic
KOTA KINABALU: Business was as usual for Mount Kinabalu climbing activities despite a weak earthquake measuring 2.3 on the Richter scale having occurred in Ranau at 5.18am today, said a 'malim gunung' or mountain guide, Wilson Latius.

Wilson, 28, who was at Laban Rata then, however learned that several groups of climbers who were supposed to climb using Via Ferrata (iron road) path had called off their plans due to security reasons.

"I felt the aftershock this morning because I was at Laban Rata. Other 'malim gunung' and climbers who were at the summit of Mount Kinabalu could also feel it and immediately climbed down," he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department today issued a statement on the weak earthquake with its epicentre located at 6 degrees north and 116.6 degrees east, 11km west of Ranau.

Tremors were felt in Ranau.

Wilson said such an aftershock was common experience after an earthquake incident on June 5 last year.

Since that incident, aftershocks were common occurrence.

Yesterday, at about 11.40pm, I could feel a mild tremor but it was not as strong as this morning," said Wilson who has been serving as 'malim gunung' for five years.

Wilson said he and other mountain guides would always remind the climbers to be calm and not to panic should there be aftershocks during a climb.

Echoing the same view was another mountain guide, Junaydie Sihan who said being panicked would only harm oneself as the person would be at high risk of getting injured.

"Every time I embarked on a climb at the Timpohon Gate, I would always remind myself and the climbers to remain calm if there is tremor," he said.