Body found in Tumpat hospital: Victim murdered in Thailand, police say

Body found in Tumpat hospital: Victim murdered in Thailand, police say
The victim's brother (centre) is now assisting police in their investigation. - Astro AWANI
TUMPAT: The murder victim whose body was discovered at Kelaboran Hospital last night, was believed to have been killed in southern Thailand.

It was believed that the body of Mohd Redzuan Mohamad, 27, was placed in a boat and set adrift towards Pengkalan Pisau Raut in Bendang Pak Yong here, which is close to the Thai border.

Kelantan police chief, Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail said the body was then picked up by the victim's younger brother before being 'dropped off' at the hospital late last night.

"The brother received a phone call saying the victim's body had been placed in a boat and was heading towards here (the Malaysian side of the border).

"The cause and motive of this case is still being identified. Initial investigations only showed that the victim died in southern Thailand and his body was found here," Abdul Rahman said today.

He said the victim's brother only knew about his brother's death when he received that anonymous phone call.

Mohd Redzuan, who was unmarried and hailed from Kampung Bendang Pak Yong, suffered a gunshot wound to his head, believed to have been caused by an air rifle at close range, and some injuries on his hands.

The police were alerted by the hospital on the discovery of the body around 11pm.

"The police will get more details from the Thai authorities," Abdul Rahman told reporters after visiting an ailing child and to handover a contribution in Kampung Berangan here.

He added that a detailed investigation will be carried out as the victim has two past criminal records.

Abdul Rahman did not dismiss the possibility of the victim having clashed with some parties on the other side of the border and it was also believed that he wasn’t alone while he was there.