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Allow only basic phones in schools - netizens

Allow only basic phones in schools - netizens
Should students be allowed to bring their mobile phone to school? File Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: Sorry, students! You are only permitted to carry basic mobile phones should you obtain the nods of approval to carry a communication device to schools.

This is the sentiment of readers over the heated debate on whether students  are allowed bringing mobile phones to school.

This mobile matter came into light after a Kedah exco challenges the Ministry of Education to reverse its decision banning students from carrying mobile phones to schools.

Many netizens echo Datuk Tajul Urus Mat Zain's sentiment: students should be allowed to carry their mobile phones in schools.

They said this should be done out of necessity as the device will come handy in any events of emergency.

A reader, Wan Dorishah suggested MOE to create a special mobile phone for students.
“It is a basic phone without the short messaging service (SMS) and can only be used to make calls.

Charge the students a minimal rate of RM10 to RM15 per person. This will also provide opportunity for local companies to do business,” Wan Dorishah added.

A concerned Fazrin Fauzi shares the same view, citing Nokia 3210 as one basic mobile model that students can carry.

“These kids need a mobile phone during emergency and parents can know about their children’s whereabouts,” Fazrin added.

Zulkifli Ismail also suggested for students to bring a 2G phone that has no Internet or camera feature.

Some readers, however, disagreed with the proposal of allowing students to bring their mobile phones to school.

They gripe that it will affect the students' learning.

“I disagree (with the proposal) because it happened to our school when we were given permission to bring mobile phones to our schools. Barely a week, it was just bad as it didn’t feel like a school anymore. It was like a shopping mall.

“Nobody paid attention when the teachers were talking. Students were busy with their phones. The discipline level in schools have gone down.” Said Bint Alhadri.

Fatin Nuraisyah added, “In my opinion, it can be done  but with the condition that teachers should give a stern warning to students not to use mobile phones in class. If they are caught, the mobile phone should be confiscated without much questioning.

Suraya Othman said the use of mobile phones will waste the students’ time.

"They’ll bring ther phone to school and record bullying incidents, take a selfie with their group of friends, browse the interviet and play games. What a waste of time!” said Suraya.

Some also suggested the increase of public phones installed in schools.

"Install plenty of public phones so that students can contact family members when necessary. The public phone must be installed in front of the teachers’ office,” said Shaik Faridhudheen Anverdeen.

A Siti Fairuz added, "fix the public phone as it seems always problematic."

Last week Tajul who is Kedah Education, Transport and Works Committee chairman urged the MOE to reconsider the use of mobile phones in school. He cites necessity as the main reason to his suggestion.

Representatives from various Parent-Teacher Association disagreed with the idea citing the standards among students will deteriorate.