Ahmad Jauhari to take a break after exiting Malaysia Airlines

Ahmad Jauhari to take a break after exiting Malaysia Airlines
AHMAD JAUHARI: Will first take a much-needed break after contract expires with MAS in September.
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya is proud of the commitment shown by his 20,000 staff in their handling of the two tragedies that befell the national carrier last year – the disappearance of MH370 in March and the MH17 crash in July.

"I am truly impressed with their show of professionalism. They go above and beyond their duty to help out.

"Some were personally involved in care-giving. They sit down with the family members. They help them, listen to them. I see people volunteering. The spirit of volunteerism that existed was really amazing," he told Astro AWANI recently.
When asked how the tragedies have changed him on a professional level, Ahmad Jauhari said: "I think if you ask any airline CEO what their worst nightmare is, it is losing an aircraft and the people (on board).

"In my experience, we lost not one but two (aircraft) in a period of four months," he said.

Ahmad Jauhari also revealed that not having an answer on the loss of Flight MH370 made it hard when facing the next-of-kin of those on board, while adding that those from China were more emotional as compared to Malaysians.

"They (next-of-kin from China) will ask why we can't find the plane. It's a tough question which we don't have an answer for. They demand answers we cannot give," he said.

When asked about his plans after his contract with MAS expires in September, he said he would first like to take a break.

"I personally want to take a break. My options after that? I will decide after I take the break," he said.

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