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26 rescued, 27 others still stranded on Gunung Gagau

26 rescued, 27 others still stranded on Gunung Gagau
Members from the Survey and Mapping Department and General Operations Force arrive at Gawi jetty at Tasik Kenyir to take part in the rescue mission. - BERNAMA Photo
HULU TERENGGANU: The first group of 26 people, who were stranded for four days on top of Gunung Gagau near here, have been rescued.

Terengganu Fire and Rescue Department deputy director Nor Mahathir said the group, comprising 22 staff of Survey and Mapping Department (JUPEM) and four members of General Operations Force (PGA) aged between 20 and 50, was found and taken out of the area via Sungai Cincin at 4.50pm by the rescue squad, with the cooperation from the police.
"Today, we managed to rescue the first group and we will resume the operation tomorrow to help another group of 27 people still stranded on top of the mountain," he told reporters here on Monday.

He said the second group also comprised JUPEM staff and four members of PGA and the operation to take them out had to be postponed to tomorrow due to bad weather.
One of the rescued victims, Iskandar Tangku Salleh, 34, said the two groups entered the mountain area on Dec 5 to carry out the survey work on Terengganu-Kelantan border.

"We completed the work on Dec 14 and were scheduled to return on Dec 19, but the helicopter that was supposed to pick us up could not land on the mountain due to bad weather. So, we had to postpone our return, while at the same time having less and less food to eat," he said.

He said the rescue squad took them out using land route and they had to walk for about 12 kilometres in heavy rain.

"We were lucky to have managed to make a phone call for help yesterday," he added.