"You might have money but you cannot buy class" - Chef Wan tells Aliff Syukri

"You might have money but you cannot buy class" - Chef Wan tells Aliff Syukri
He said he had resorted to that 'extreme measure' due to the difficulty in finding a halal restaurant.
KUALA LUMPUR: Entrepeneur and millionaire Datuk Aliff Syukri courted another controversy when he uploaded a picture of him and family having a meal by the road side, in Zurich, Switzerland.

In the Instagram post, Aliff who is also known as Abang Terlajak Laris, due to his product tagline, said he had resorted to that 'extreme measure' due to the difficulty in finding a halal restaurant.

"We went to a restaurant with our own food because it is so hard to find halal food here. We thought of eating there, and probably order drinks so that we could eat there. But we were thrown out.
"So we eat by the road side," he wrote.

Among those who criticised his action was celebrity chef, Chef Wan.


Tergerak pula hati saya nak menegur Dato Aliff when i saw him eating with the family di tepi jalan. I find that shocking. First of all as Malaysian kita kena jaga image kita di mana saja kita berada. Pelik saya with all his wealth that he has been flaunting to everyone pi la cari tempat2 yg elok untuk makan. There load of restaurant to eat yg halal pun boleh di cari. This days melalui phone tu dah mcm2 we have excess to. Being a public figure now like it or not he must learn the do and donts. Masa pi wedding baru2 ini saya terdengar di meja some of the guests debating among themselves yg juga Kaya Raya tetapi very modest from all the years i have known them. Depa kata by doing all this flaunting of kekayaan kita selain dari riak didalam agama juga tidak baik untuk image2 mereka yg di pandang tak ada class! U might have the money but u cannot buy the class! Mereka kata bila kita over do things we also subject diri kita menjadi bahan kutukan so unnecessarily sedang kan ordinary rich people pun dont do that as depa nanti akan malu dengan image begitu even sesama org kaya2 ini. Bila memberi pandangan begini mesti la ada kata kita dok dengki dgn harta mereka. Kita pun duit makan tak habis jugak tapi tak payah la buat perangai mcm tu yg jadi kan lagi kita manusia mencari pasal mengata kan hal kita. Actually itu satu perbuatan yg tidak cerdik dan jangan la di jadi kan contoh tauladan kepada sesiapa pun Ustaz kata as that will create more human brings yg ada sifat phd dan mcm2 lagi. Bila saya mendengar apa yg di debat kan ada juga betul nasihat Puan Sri Tadi to also all her friends. She said " Orang Melayu ni sedikit2 kita phd dgn depa yg cakap2 dan sokong itu pun bodoh jadi pak turut dan kaki kipas, no wonder la mereka naik lemak as they thing its ok to behave in such a manner to seek attention. Bila kita kata perangai mcm orang kampong dan jakun Kaya depa marah kita balik! Said another Datin Seri pulak. Kita dengar saja and i am sure so many of us also hear this thing being debated all the time. Bila saya melihat segala drama minggu ini di pentas kan it is also a lesson to each and everyone of us to be careful with our image on social media. Tersilap langkah habis la!

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"It's not good image for Malaysian to eat like this. You have money, Datuk! We need to look after our image as Malaysian, especially abroad," he commented.

The internationally renowed chef said Aliff's action can be interpreted wrongly by the people.

"Over doing things will only lead to unnecessary criticism. Flaunting our assets is not only discouraged by Islam, but is able to jeopardy one's image.

"You might have the money but you cannot buy the class," he advises.