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Rizalman Haute Couture: A class of its own

Rizalman Haute Couture: A class of its own
Rizalman walking the runway at Chin Woo Stadium after all the models have shown all the fashions.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's fashion maestro, Rizalman showed the local fashion scene how a real fashion show should look and feel like after producing and showcasing what has been dubbed as 'the best local fashion presentation of the decade' on Thursday.

Rizalman Haute Couture showcased about 60 long and lean dresses and separates at Chin Woo stadium – a collection that is nothing short of dramatic.
Classy and elegant would be the best words to describe Rizalman's haute couture line. As always, Rizalman's sophisticated craftsmanship and design never disappoints.

Rizalman, a true professional in the local arts and design scene, enhanced his signature creations influenced by the change of time by formulising a clever play of colours, flattering silhouettes, fine detailing, simplified by good taste weaved in the richness of our culture.

Whilst maintaining his mark, the hues most travelled by Malaysian designers ie. monochromatic, Rizalman has also successfully encapsulated the richness of metallic, red and pastel tones. It feels like Rizalman is paying homage to his very own 20 years of stunning creations but with the post modern twist of pattern manipulation topped with crafted detailing like fur, velvet, intricate bead work and embroidery.

Drama in fashion was taken to a whole new level when Rizalman threw in a surprise piece that was totally mind-blowing. Amidst the dark pieces, shines a tastefully crafted fuchsia jumpsuit with unconventional plunging neckline.

He has indeed challenged the local up-and-coming designers that knowledge, crafts, taste and professionalism are gained and not given.


The show itself was the closest to world-class; from the music to the light play to the whole 'Moulin Rouge' runway and setting. Despite having to wait for 50 minutes, audience were mesmerised for a full 15 minutes.


And what more can be better than a good fashion show? A good closing of course, and Rizalman did it perfectly by putting the Malaysia’s internationally acclaimed supermodel, Tengku Azura to strut down the all-rouge runway of Rizalman Haute Couture.

All in all, it was a show that sums up what a high-fashion show should be and Rizalman has really showed us how it should be done.