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Online seller tells off 'racist customer' for insulting her African-Malay child

Online seller tells off 'racist customer' for insulting her African-Malay child
The photo of Noor Akmar with her mixed-parentage daughter that ticked off a potential customer on Facebook. - Facebook/Emma Adelia
KUALA LUMPUR: A woman who conducts an online food business slammed another woman on Facebook for insulting her daughter who is of African-Malay heritage.

Two days ago, Noor Akmar Kamaruddin or 'Emma Adelia' on Facebook posted screenshots of her private conversation with one 'Safina Said' who had initially inquired about the former's pickled beef.

After Noor Akmar explained about the product and price, the customer then asked a sensitive question.

Safina: "Is that your daughter in your Facebook profile photo?"
Noor Akmar: "Yes, that is my daughter."

Safina: "Is that her original hair? Or was it made to be like that?"

Noor Akmar: "That's her original hair. She's of Malay-African parentage so her hair follows her dad's genes."

Safina: "In that case I'm sorry but I cannot do business with you. My husband doesn't allow me to be involved with anything African. Africans are ugly. Their behaviour is also ugly."


At that point, Noor Akmar also said she didn't want to do business with her, adding that: "At least my daughter is beautiful, unlike you and your husband who have ugly faces and ugly hearts."

That Facebook post had since went viral with 2,685 shares as of 6.40pm today.

In a subsequent status, Noor Akmar said she was grateful to have received support from fellow netizens.

She also said she has gained more customers since then.

"I lost a customer but Allah sent me 10 new customers," she added.