'JetPacking' for workaholics on holiday

'JetPacking' for workaholics on holiday
Iskandar is planning to open up three more JetPack branches in two years in Bali, Indonesia, Koh Lanta in Thailand as well as New Zealand.
KUALA LUMPUR: Service offices and co-working spaces aren't new in a small and medium enterprise (SME)-friendly emerging economy like Malaysia.

Although the internet has enabled pretty much anyone to work from home, yet there is still that notion of needing an office space for one to be productive.

The "work-life balance" motto, however, seems still far away despite the emergence of the cyber economy – at least from that point of view.

But one man is poised to change that notion, mooting a new concept of what he called "office in paradise".

JetPack, a start-up business, has came up with an idea to provide working space for individuals – be it businessmen, managers, executives or even civil servants in global holiday destinations.

The founder, a KLite, Iskandar Md Sah said he came up with this idea after realising there was a gap to fill in the shared-office and co-working spaces industry.
"Imagine the unused annual leave that can't be brought forward, because you are a super dedicated and hardworking employee. Imagine that you can eventually find that equilibrium in making everyone involved happy – you, your employer and your family. Imagine the quality and productivity that will be gained from JetPacking," he told Astro AWANI recently.

Currently, JetPack has an office in Sri Hartamas since eight months ago and Iskandar is planning to open up three more branches in two years in Bali, Indonesia, Koh Lanta in Thailand as well as New Zealand.

"We are a lean start-up, we choose very carefully on things we want to spend. So far, our clients are mostly expatriates, independent professionals and creative-preneurs," said Iskandar.

But for JetPack to expand to many other exotic destinations, there are many challenges that it needs to overcome, he said.

"Our heart is always in Malaysia, we would love to open a branch in Perhentian, for example, but for this to happen, a super fast internet connection is needed. The one in Bali and Koh Lanta now have a connection of 50Mbps.

"There will also be logistical problems and other issues popping up but we'll cross the road when the time comes," Iskandar said.

Despite the challenges, however, Iskandar is confident that his idea will get the buy in – not just from Malaysia but all over the globe.

Armed with this optimism, he is set on selling his idea to the global market including pitching it to attendees and investors at the Web Summit Forum 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

Web Summit is the largest tech gathering the world, and Iskandar is confident that this is the best platform to test the JetPack idea globally.

"It is an amalgamation of techies, venture capitalists (VCs) and media from around the world, a perfect pool of candidates for early adopters of JetPacking."

The idea of work-life balance isn't far away after all.

Maybe as little as RM30 per day, you can get productive in an exotic island while facing the white, sandy beaches and blue oceans.

However, RM30 daily is just an indicative price based on JetPack KL's daily fee. Iskandar said the price may vary based on the location and how "exotic" it is.