Bridal beauty prep: A 3-month countdown

Bridal beauty prep: A 3-month countdown
For brides-to-be, it takes several weeks of planning to look stellar on the big day.
For brides-to-be, it takes several weeks of planning to look stellar on the big day. Here is a guide to which beauty preparations to plan and when.

Three months before the wedding: Hair
What type of hairstyle will you wear down the aisle? Though you don't have to lock into a specific style three months out, this is the time to decide if you want to grow your hair long for an elaborate up-do.

Likewise, if you plan to go with a shorter style, now is the time to try it on for size. For those with brittle or damaged hair, there is still time to start taking vitamins to ensure healthy and lustrous locks on the big day.
One month before: Skin
According to Chanel makeup artist Claire Blavet, a deep facial cleanse can sometimes bring out impurities and cause temporary blemishes. So this step should be carried out around 30 days before the wedding, allowing the skin time to heal. More importantly, during these final weeks, take especially good care of your skin. This means washing your face once or twice a day with a gentle cleanser and an exfoliating cloth for a smooth, clear complexion, always following with a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. Brides-to-be may also consider buying a thermal water spray, which can be applied to the face to keep the skin fresh and hydrated at all times.

One week before: Waxing and hands
Since you will have to raise your arms to throw the bouquet, and since you'll want to flash your legs on the dance floor, book your waxing appointment one week before walking down the aisle. Why so early? This gives the skin time to heal from any irritation or red spots.

Also, since your hands will be in the spotlight on the big day, it is important to make sure they are as soft and smooth as possible. If you don't have time to book a hand treatment at a spa, at least make sure to apply hand moisturizer regularly, at least once a day.

One day before: Nails and skin
Now that your hands are fully moisturized, it's time to think about your nails. All eyes will be on your hands during the exchange of the rings, so it's best to avoid chipped nail polish by waiting until the last minute to get your manicure.

This is also a crucial moment when it comes to the skin. Claire Blavet advises against using heavy, oily moisturizers near the eye area the day before the wedding, as this may cause puffiness. For the lips, however, don't hesitate to apply a thick, ultra-moisturizing balm to ensure your pout is healthy and plump when you wake up in the morning. And of course, hydrate the rest of your face liberally with your favorite lightweight moisturizer.