16 Malaysian that made the cut in The 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Fire Dancer - An annual ritual for fire dancers to with-stand the power of piles of firecrackers during the festive of the Gods
Chengdu Teahouse - The Chengdu teahouse is gem of Chinese tea culture, and the most important part of locals daily life
Chrysanthemum - This is a close-up view of a chrysanthemum flower taken using a macro lens
Moody - DNF, Fujisan Marathon
Flags of Pride - This image was taken on 31 August, 2016 the National Day of Malaysia in 'Dataran Merdeka'
Phan Rang Fishing Net Making - Traditional matter of making fishing net at Phan Rang in Vietnam during my trip in 2016
Carry Together - The boar is the greatest harvest in hunting, guns only hunted large animals, small animals with blowpipe hunting
Going Home - I took this photo during summer in Kyoto, Japan.
A reflection of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing
Ma'Nene Ritual - For every three or five years family and relatives or Toraja people pay respects to deceased the dead body
Cleaning Of Corpses - Family and relatives cleaning the dead body of Paulus Sampe Lemba died at 62 years old in 2009
Unforgettable Memories - Grandmother poses with her grandson while sharing the story of her past
Boatman@Buriganga river - Everyday life on the river boat rowers repeated Buringangga worthy of Jety into the village opposite in Dhaka
Round Netting - Beautiful round netting capture in Xiapu county, Fujian Province, China
The Fighter - Kusthi is Indian's traditional wrestling which is still practising by many in India
Relax - Old man playing card
Fish Park - I shot this from the balcony of the flat I'm staying at, and further composited and manipulated the photograph

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