GST: Netizens express disappointment over OldTown White Coffee's infographic

GST: Netizens express disappointment over OldTown White Coffee's infographic
Whether or not the OldTown White Coffee infographics comes as untimely leave a bitter aftertaste among social media users. - File Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: In the wake of the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) next Wednesday, the social media was abuzz with an infographic which had resurfaced by a food and beverage outlet. 

Food chain OldTown White Coffee restaurants on Friday had uploaded a simple infographic aimed at informing the public of the new prices charged at the restaurant after the GST comes into effect on Wednesday.

The infographics features a set of new price tags after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) starting April 1 had caused the social media buzzing with voices of dissents from concerned rakyat.

The infographics featured the total amount for an order of food and drinks that customers would have to fork out when they dine-in at OldTown outlets around the country.
The infographics said OldTown was designed for the benefit of customers but it has attracted negative responses from a large segment of Netizens were left baffled by the ‘new’ charges imposed by OldTown.

The social media went on an overdrive over the soon-to-imposed prices which they claimed to have increased with the inclusion of the six per cent GST and service charges.

Ahmad Maslan when contacted said that the presentation of prices should not necessarily spell the 10 per cent service charge.

“Service charges or otherwise known as tip is not necessarily paid if the services offered by the food outlet below satisfactory.

“The tax proportion should not necessarily be at 10 per cent, it’s also acceptable if it’s charged lower. The government will not at all take the service charge from the restaurants or hotels.

Ahmad Maslan on Friday had reportedly said that the food and beverage industry (F&B) will be more competitive upon implementation of the GST next Wednesday as the new tax regime enables businesses to lower prices.

Ahmad Maslan said the GST enables F&B companies to benefit from lower production costs following the input tax credit advantage.

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