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'Continent Showdown' between Argentina and Germany

KUALA LUMPUR: The day of reckoning has arrived: football fans from around the world wait with bated breath for what seemed to be a nail-biting match of this year’s World Cup as early as 3am on Monday. Who could it be?

Will Germany return to avenge its loss to Brazil back in 2002? Could the mighty Thomas Muller takes the limelight with his inimitable strokes on the field? 
Or will Argentina’s Lionel Messi score big for his team at the match. Could Messi make his team members proud with a hat trick to earn him the top scorer crown?

For the uninitiated, Argentina is representing the South American region while Germany is representing Europe in a match dubbed as ‘Continent Showdown’.
Both teams have played 20 times in the previous World Cup but, out of that number they have only charted their route to the final in 1986, 1990 and 2014.

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