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SS2 outlet myBurgerLab


Chin Ren Yi, 33, Teo Wee Kiat, 26, and Cheah Chang Ming, 30

Mission statement

We make the world a happier place, one burger at a time.
myBurgerLab story

The renowned physicist, Isaac Newton would not have proposed the Law of Gravity if he didn’t stumble upon the apple that fell and hit his head and similarly Ren Yi would not have been able to propose myBurgerLab if he did not stumble upon the various burger joints in the United States of America (USA).
Ren Yi who travelled to USA under a program called Work and Travel USA in 2010 ended up creating work opportunities in Malaysia by opening myBurgerLab.

The University of Nottingham graduate was initially at San Francisco for the program.

The mechanical engineering graduate, Ren Yi was inspired to come up with a Malaysian edition of the likes of ShakeShack and In-N-Out through the various experiences that he gleaned from the different cities of the west coast in the United States.

Upon returning, Ren Yi together with his two other friends, accounting and finance major, Wee Kiat, and also Chang Ming with a mechanical engineering background embarked on this endeavour to make the world a happier place, one burger at a time.

Without any culinary expertise they took up the challenge to change the industry, hence the first outlet was established and Malaysians were welcomed with open arms and warm smiles on July 10, 2012 at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

They were determined to show that simply by doing good and serving good burger, even people without culinary experience can make some change for the betterment of the industry.

Ren Yi who wishes to inspire people to become better through their cultures and philosophies said, "Everyone else can do better as well, just by doing things right."

In the spirit of a lab, many exciting and experimental endeavours are initiated by myBurgerLab be it for the geeks, the public or even the industry. Among others AWESOME Monday and
Lets Do Good 2gether charity drive 2.0 are part of their efforts to give back to the society.

Fun fact

The vegetarian burger, Vivien’s husband got its name from a customer named Vivien herself who avidly fell in love with the burger. The name naturally came about as she passionately claimed to marry the burger which was only known as Vegetarian Beta previously and announced it as her husband.

Vegetarian burger

What to look for?
The secret burger not listed in the menu. Nudge the geeks (that’s how their staffs are known as) for what’s the secret menu.

"What are you here for?"

"We are here to make a difference not just in the food industry but also in the people that we touch, customers coming in and out and the geeks,"