Where are you, Anita Sarawak? asks half-sister, Noorkumalasari

Where are you, Anita Sarawak? asks half-sister, Noorkumalasari
It has been two months since sisters, Anita Sarawak and Noorkumalasari Mohd Taib communicated with each other. - File Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: Noorkumalasari Mohd Taib, half-sister of superstar Anita Sarawak is worried as it has been two months since the two communicated with each other.

Singaporean portal, The New Paper reported earlier this week that they last communicated in March and since then, attempts to contact her since have turned futile.

Noorkumalasari said that Anita, famously known for her generosity, would usually call her especially during special occasion such as her birthday in April. This time around, Noorkumalasari, who Anita fondly refers as Noor, said no call came from her this year.

“I'm worried but I hope and pray that she is in the best health condition and well. Perhaps, Anita is busy travelling or managing other things.
"That is 40 per cent of my feelings, the other 60 per cent is the thought that she might not be in the best of health,” said Noorkumalasari, who previously has allayed fears of puzzled fans about Anita's 'undisclosed' status, citing the latter wanted to 'lay low' from the media.

Calls and messages to her have been left unanswered

Noorkumulasari added, not only has Anita not communicated with her but also with their other siblings have not heard from her too.

"Calls and messages to her have been left unanswered.  Even her  best friend has failed to trace Anita although she tried to visit her home in the United States,” she said.

Anita 'mysteriously disappeared' from the Malaysian showbiz in 2013 following reports that there was trouble in paradise as rumours had resurfaced about a 'fallout' with her husband, Mohamad Mahathir Abdullah.

Anita, who was a darling of the Malaysian media, was beyond reach as she had returned to Las Vegas - a place she had called home for many years before she decided to return to Malaysia in

“From my knowledge, the rumours are untrue. That is why I want to talk to her, so she can clarify but she hasn't called.

"Perhaps, she is afraid I'd bluntly ask her about the rumours. She knows I'm capable to do so. But what has she got to be afraid of? We are siblings ... we get along well and understand each other perfectly. She gives me good advice and vice versa,” she told the portal.

Like any siblings, Noorkumalasari continues to pray for her sister’s well-being.

“I remember her in my prayers every day. Please pray for her as well,” Noorkumalasari said.

Anita, whose real name is Ithnaini Abdul Taib has released numerous Malay and English albums and synonymous as an entertainer who has succeeded in managing her own career.