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Trumpeter of '70s band Black Dog Bone, dies at 71

Trumpeter of '70s band Black Dog Bone, dies at 71
The trumpets player of 70s band Black Dog Bone (BDB), Masron Ali died early this morning at Changi Hospital, Singapore. - Photo from Ishar Masrom's Facebook
KUALA LUMPUR: Legendary rock band, Black Dog Bone's trumpeter Masron Ali, 71 has died at the Changi Hospital here, the band's vocalist, Ishar Masrom announced on Sunday.

Ishar on his Facebook wrote that Masron's demise has left an indelible impact on the band, which is a  regular feature performing at local gigs in Singapore.

"We have lost a friend who has long been devoted to the art and has done a lot for Black Dog Bone.

"May you rest in peace, friend, " wrote Ishar, who is also known as Razzi M.
Masron was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia in early 2014 which led to his repeated battle with his then deteriorating health. He too lost his voice due to the illness.

Razzi on his Facebook also said that he is saddened by the loss of Masron, whom together with him had struggled to keep the band afloat.
"The sound of your trumpet, your jokes, humor and laughter will not be heard again. Your unique voice in presenting comedy and songs of wisdom had successfully impacted and helped elevate Black Dog Bone's reigning power until today.

"Thank you and goodbye friend, may you rest in peace and we will continue the struggle of this band," said Rozzi.

Black Dog Bone was formed in 1973 in Singapore and comprised original lineup including vocalist-drummer, Jatt, keyboardist Micheal Heng, James Chai (saxophone) and Hamid Ahmad (guitar).

Black Dog Bone is synonymous for its evergreen tunes including Gadis Ayu, Hatiku Luka Lagi and Khayalan.