Special museum to celebrate the life of Yasmin Ahmad opens in Ipoh

Special museum to celebrate the life of Yasmin Ahmad opens in Ipoh
CELEBRATED: The construction of Yasmin At Kong Heng is to continue the legacy left behind by the late film director.
IPOH: A dedicated museum to celebrate the life of renowned film director Yasmin Ahmad was officiated yesterday.

Called Yasmin at Kong Heng, the museum is built on the site owned by Old Block Sdn Bhd, which dedicated a whole floor for exhibition.

Actress Sharifah Amani, who has acted in many of Yasmin's films, was given the privilege to launch the museum.

According to Amani, the construction of the museum is to continue the legacy left behind by Yasmin.
"The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh becomes so meaningful because the museum is located in the city, which often became the location of choice for filming Mak’s (Yasmin) films.

“The journey along Ipoh’s state mosque, which was the location for Muallaf, brings back the journey we’ve been through together. I could hear her giggles and laughter.
"The accommodation of choice – the Majestic Station Hotel at the Ipoh railway station - has closed down, just like a closure for us," said Amani.

The owner and architect of the building, Ng Sek San, said there are many plans in the pipeline as part of the museum’s long-term planning.

"This is just the beginning, this museum will surely be improved with various exhibitions including augmented reality which will introduce a new experience to visitors here," he said.

Also present at the event are Yasmin's family including parents Pak Atan and Mak Inom and sister Orked Ahmad.

During an interview, Orked said she could feel Yasmin's presence in the museum.

"This is a small thing that we can afford to do for Kak Min. The museum is built with the help of friends and benefactors.

“Various photos here were donated by an individual who has done an exhibition of Yasmin in Hong Kong. We expect more contribution from others to improve the museum," she said.

The Yasmin At Kong Heng museum is located at the Old Block Apartments, Jalan Sultan Yussuh, Ipoh.