Search demands for public apology from drummer Yazit

Search demands for public apology from drummer Yazit
The band and Yusmadi (third from left) at the press conference here today. - Photo by HLive
KUALA LUMPUR: THEY say things happen for a reason.

Sometimes it would be nice not to know the reason.

Just when things were looking up for popular rock outfit, Search the band is thrown into the fire after it was faced by a bizarre feud involving its drummer, Yazit.

The feud was spurred by a misunderstanding involving payment for the band’s final concert slated on August 30.
The band’s frontman, Amy today held a press conference to announce that the band has demanded for Yazit to make a public apology within 48 hours over the alleged slander.

Amy, whose full name is Suhaimi Abdul Rahman said Yazit has committed a breach of trust, ‘which is very grave’.
“I’d like to stress that Search has no intention to 'rob' any money from Yazit, as alleged by the police report he had recently lodged,” said Amy to reporters at the press conference here today.

"I am deeply shocked and disappointed by the slander made against Search and this  press conference was held for us to explain what happened  – we can’t be silenced with the accusations made by him (Yazit),” he added.

Amy also added that he is compelled to upkeep the good name of Search and that Yazit’s action has impacted the reputation of the band.

Yusmadi Yusoff, the counsel representing Search said the band members had initially wanted to give Yazit a seven-day period to make the public apology.

"At first, we wanted to give a period of 7 days for Yazit to make an apology, however we were told their party are going to hold a press conference tomorrow (Thursday).

"Tomorrow s the perfect day if Yazit wants to make a public apology and to withdraw all his charges against the band," said Yusmadi.