Lisa Surihani to direct her own film?

Lisa Surihani to direct her own film?
Although the complete cast have yet to be revealed by the organiser, rumour has it that Lisa will be among the directors for the latest 'Ikal Mayang' project. - Facebook/Lisa Surihani
KUALA LUMPUR: Local actress Lisa Surihani hopes to be directing her own film in conjunction with International Women's Day soon.

The actress, famous for her role as Dian in the film "Istanbul Aku Datang" might be sitting on the director's seat for the third 'Ikal Mayang' project scheduled for release March 8, next year.

However, the complete cast have yet to be revealed by the organiser who wished to keep it a secret for the time being.

The first 'Ikal Mayang' short film project was released on the same date last year as an initiative from WOMEN:girls on Women's Day.
Produced by Garang Pictures and Big Eyes Entertainment, the project saw 15 female personalities of various generations directing their own piece of work.

Among those who involved were Sofia Jane, Sharifah Amani, Vanidah Imran, Mislina Mustaffa, Junad Md Nor, Mellissa Saila and many more.
Meanwhile, in 2014, 'Ikal Mayang' came up with another spectacular project dubbed 'Unspoken Truth'.

The second project by 'Ikal Mayang' went a step further by inviting international directors such as Nia Dinata from Indonesia, Shireen Seno from the Philippines, A.D Chan from Singapore, Niramon Ross from Thailand, Siti Kamaluddin from Brunei and Malaysia's very own Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba.

The project for 'Unspoken Truth' comprised actresses like Eja, Elza Irdalynna, Soefira Jaafar and many others.

The project was also supported by Astro FIRST through exclusive screenings of some of the project's short films in that channel.