#AliSetan30Tahun: 'I almost didn't get to play Asmidar in 'Ali Setan' - Ogy

#AliSetan30Tahun: 'I almost didn't get to play Asmidar in 'Ali Setan' - Ogy
OGY: 'I almost did not land the role of Asmidar in 'Ali Setan' - Screengrab Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: The co-star of the iconic film, ‘Ali Setan’, Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud revealed that she almost didn’t land the role of Asmidar due to her commitment in the sappy romantic drama, 'Azura'.

Fauziah, fondly known as Ogy, 53 said when she was offered a role in ‘Ali Setan’, she was in the midst of the dubbing for 'Azura'.

According to Ogy, the issue was inadvertently blown out of proportion to the extent that she was labeled ‘vain’ and ‘arrogant’ at that time.

“When the offer for ‘Ali Setan’ arrived, I was still tied to the contract for ‘Azura’, so I had to reject the offer to star in the film.

“At that time, the film producer was a tad apprehensive to accept my excuse. This led to my name being dropped from the cast list of ‘Ali Setan’.

The issue was blown out proportion that I had been labeled arrogant. I have never revealed this to any of the media members before this until now,” said Ogy when contacted by Astro AWANI today.

Azmir Mustafa played the affable and loveable Ali in 'Ali Setan' - Photo from the trailer of 'Ali Setan'
Four days after filming of ‘Ali Setan’ began at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Pulau Pinang, its director, Tan Sri Jins Shamsuddin contacted Ogy summoning her to visit the set in USM and act as Amidar.
“I was shocked to personally receive the call from ayahanda (Jins) to star in ‘Ali Setan’.  He summoned me to Pulau Pinang under one condition … no making faces on set and to put the Azura issue behind,” said Ogy, who was 23 when she played Asmidar.

Ali (Azmir Mustaffa) with Ogy in a scene from 'Ali Setan' - Photo from the trailer of 'Ali Setan'

Today, 30 years ago, 'Ali Setan' the coming-of-age movie was produced. The story in 'Ali Setain' is culled from the life of Ali (played by Azmir Mustafa).

At the center are USM hopeful and innocuous Ali and his close friends, all of whom are more invested in adolescence than the  rowdy social scene that surrounds them.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about ‘Ali Setan’:

• Ogy used her own creativity to do her own makeup and outfits in the film

• No makeup artist was on standby on location

• The ‘egg’ scene featuring Ali was impromptu, according to Ogy the scene was her revenge against Azmil after the latter suggested using Coke instead

• The egg was purchased at the 11th hour at the café on the train

• The scene on the train earlier in the movie was the last scene filmed in the movie

• The famous dialogue ‘Fresh Orange satu’ was done numerous times as Ogy could not capture the right emotion after a last minute change in the dialogue.

• 98 per cent of the filming was done in Universiti Sains Malaysia in Pulau Pinang.

• Azmil, according to Ogy was constantly ready and cooperative on location. On set, he was known to be a serious actor and mysterious off set

• Award-winning lyricist, Habsah Hassan was production manager for ‘Ali Setan’.

• ‘Ali Setan’ boasted the leanest crew members with only 10 people at any one time.

• The boys’ and girls’ hostels were used to film ‘Ali Setan’.

• Supporting actor, extras and lecturer as well as the dean were either students or staff of the university. They were auditioned by Jins Shamsuddin himself.

• The Pulau Pinang bridge was not completed yet when filming took place and visual of the bridge was incorporated earlier in the film..