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80s actress, Noreen Noor passes away

80s actress, Noreen Noor passes away
AMPANG: Local actress and singer Noreen Noor’s remains had been laid to rest at the Kampung Pulai Muslim Cemetary in Serkam, Melaka after Zohor prayers on Tuesday.

The 54-year old, 80’s ear star, had died at the Ampang Puteri Hospital, Ampang early Tuesday morning due to complications of the heart and kidney.

Noreen Noor, or Noraine Mohd Nor, first shot to stardom through the song “Siang Terbayang Malam Merindu.”

She had also been featured in numerous local films, among them “Hantu Siang”, “Wira Angkasa” and “Pelumba Malam”.
She leaves behind two children, a 22-year old son and an 11-year old daughter.