Pas' Mustafa: Not worth commenting

Pas' Mustafa: Not worth commenting
KUALA LUMPUR: Pas secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali has brushed aside claims by pro-Umno blogs that a new sex video purportedly involved him being captured in compromising acts.

"Not worth commenting (on)," replied the 69-year-old former teacher in an SMS to Astro AWANI.

Earlier today, Pas vice president Husam Musa said that the video was fake and there was no need for the islamic party to investigate.

"It can be made up. If they can make up videos involving (PKR de facto leader) Anwar Ibrahim, they can make up videos of anyone," he was quoted as saying by online news portal malaysiakini.

Photographs and portions of the alleged sex video began circulating among several pro-Umno blogs late yesterday.

It was claimed that the full video depicted a senior PAS leader having sex with an unknown woman in what appeared to be a hotel room.
Blogger Papagomo has alleged that the woman was paid by PKR, suggesting infighting within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

Images of the supposed sex video has been carried by several blogs, such as and Medan Info Kita.

According to The Star today, police have detected attempts to distribute video compact discs of the purported leader in Besut, Terengganu.

The revealing of new sex videos was not unexpected as PKR had recently, in a pre-emptive strike, said that they were informed that several more of such videos were being planned.

PKR had claimed that leaders such as Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, deputy president Azmin Ali, and incumbent Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim were being targetted with such videos.

Such DVDs, said PKR, is expected to be distributed as polling day nears.

Meanwhile, police is expected to cooperate with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to investigate the claim of the lewd pictures and DVD which have gone viral on social media and have a link with a senior political party leader in Terengganu.

Inspector of General of Police Secretariat assistant head (Public Relations) ACP Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf said several envelopes contained the obscene DVDs and photos have been placed in front of houses in Kampung Alor Lintang in Terengganu.

All of the items have been seized and will be analyse and investigated by police under Section 292 of Penal Code for distributing obscene material.

“We received a report from the residents who found the envelopes which contains a DVD and a lewd picture at their frontgates. The obscene DVDs and pictures were taken to Besut district police headquarters for further investigation,” Ramli told reporters during the 13th General Election meeting at Bukit Aman.

He said the investigation will be conducted in several aspects including to find the person who act in the DVD whether he is really a politician and also the person who distributed the footage.

“Those who found distributing the pornography video can be sentence for maximum three years and liable to be fine or both,” he said.  

In Kuala Terengganu, police denied two individuals who are believe from Keadilan Youth have been arrested regarding the distribution of the obscene DVD which involved a senior leader of opposition party. 

Terengganu CID chief, ACP K.Manoharan said there is still no arrest has been made and further investigation regarding the matter in still ongoing.

He said, the claim on the responsible individual is totally untrue and until today they still tracing the people who involve in spreading the DVD.

“We confirmed on the seizure of 16 obscene DVDs which have been claimed look like a senior leader of opposition party in Besut yesterday and we are still investigating the matter,” he said.