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The torrential monsoon rains which fell over the course of several days in mid-December 2014 inundated many areas in Peninsular Malaysia, hitting the east coast states the hardest. It was the worst flood faced by our nation in four decades.

A year has passed; the monsoon season returns once again. And it’s the same age-old story unfolding. Waters rise – people seek shelter in nearby schools and civic halls. Waters subside – they return home.

It's the same story each year.

But those affected by the floods and devastation are not mere statistics. They are human beings, like you, with dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

Journalist Israr Khalid, together with photographer Shahir Omar and videographer Hairul Wildan travelled to Kelantan in early November 2015.

They returned with eight timeless and inspirational stories of perseverance, hope, and humanity overcoming despair in the face of tragedy and devastation.


Now The Colours Are Faded

Mustafa Husain, 68

Kg Kemubu, Kuala Krai

Village elders work to mend the frayed threads of the unravelling fabric of a community, traumatized by the worst monsoon floods in living memory.


Building A New Hope

Azami Harun, 51

Kampong Manjur, Kuala Krai

A tale of determination and perseverance, echoing a timeless human story of coming to terms with Mother Nature's unfeeling wrath.


The Roti Canai Maker

Hamzah Husain

Kg Manik Urai Baru, Kuala Krai

A tale of perseverance in the face of devastation and despair, and man's never-ending struggle to survive.


A Tale of Two Fates

Rozita Ramli & Mat Taha Husin

Bdr Baru Gua Musang, Gua Musang

The hand of fate is indiscriminate, though for some, it can seem deliberately cruel and unfair.


For The People

Zulbahri Ibrahim

Kg Bahagia, Kuala Krai

Rescue and relief workers once again risk life and limb, making final preparations ahead of the coming floods.


The Hut On The Hill

Rosli Ab. Ghalib, 54

Kg Jelawang, Dabong

Sometimes it's important to remember to smile, and remain hopeful and optimistic, even in the direst situations.


The Final Harvest

Aziz Ibrahim

Sg Stong, Dabong

The darkest clouds sometimes hide the brightest of silver linings.


Rail Friends

Siti Nadia Che Pari & Nor Diana Rosli

Kg Bukit Abu, Jeli

Floods not only threaten lives and property, but can also test the strength of a friendship.