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Why segregate media consumption research based on platforms? - Astro CEO

Why segregate media consumption research based on platforms? - Astro CEO
On the question whether the TV viewership has declined due to the disruptive technology, Henry said that - the industry players have been monitoring it closely. - Photo Astro AWANI/Shahir Omar
KUALA LUMPUR : In-depth media research into the public’s media consumption behaviour should not be done in silos anymore, said the Astro Group Chief Executive Officer, Henry Tan Poh Hock, at the Malaysian Media Awards and Conference today.

He explained that TV, radio and digital consumers are most likely from the same group of people.
Henry said that future research should neither be segmented nor based on a different set of measurements but must consider all platforms in order to deliver better perspectives and information for industry players.

“We have the same consumer, you...me and the rest of the Rakyat. But why is research done in silos, as if those listening to radio are different from those who are watching TV or browsing the internet,” he said, adding that studying media consumption patterns should be transparent.
On the question of declining TV viewership due to disruptive technologies, Henry said that industry players are monitoring the situation closely.

He revealed that the timespan of people watching TV has not declined significantly contrary to popular perception and that in fact it has increased. Adding that digital platforms are actually accelerating TV’s popularity.

Henry explained that while people may not watch linear TV, they have alternative platforms for example - Astro on the Go or Video on Demands.

He emphasised the importance of having comprehensive media research on the people’s behaviour by using the same benchmarks or measurements.

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