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WEF 2015: Vital international stage in coordinating Malaysia's economy

WEF 2015: Vital international stage in coordinating Malaysia's economy
The world's financial and political elite will head this week to the Swiss Alps for 2015's gathering of the World Economic Forum at the Swiss ski resort of Davos. - AP Photo/Michel Euler
DAVOS: The World Economic Forum 2015 (WEF 2015) which started today is a vital international stage in executing Malaysia’s strategy in coordinating the country’s economy in line with the current global challenges.

This is inline with the forum’s theme and itinerary which focuses on the new global dynamic concept.

“With the announced move, InsyaAllah (God willing) MITI will plan a specific action to ensure the current account of payment balance is in surplus.

“In the year 2014, the level of our investments were good and we want to maintain the situation and have more aggressive promotions,” said International Trade and International (MITI) Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed who arrived earlier in Davos.
As a country which practices an open economic policy, Malaysia’s promotion as a chosen investment and economic development centre, is seen as an advantage during this current unstable global economic situation.

According to Mustapa, a vital focus of Malaysia's efforts in attracting the attention of business leaders and world-leading investment in Davos this time is to offer potential prosperity for Asean economic community.
“This year as Asean chairman, we want to achieve a community standard by declaring Asean as a community. Thus the Prime Minister's attendance is vital.

“First, we want to promote or increase Malaysia’s profile. Second, to stress Asean's role in the global economy,” said Mustapa.

The delegation of 40 Malaysian representatives to WEF2015 is the largest participation in the country’s history.

The overall registration sees the attendance of 2,800 participants, 50 country leaders and 300 ministers, the highest so far.

Mustapa is confident that the forum will bring big returns to the country.

“Davos is a place which gathers world leaders, political leaders, corporate leaders, media leaders. We have even managed to attract several investments to Malaysia during previous meetings held in Davos,” said Mustapa when met by Astro AWANI at Hotel Panorama, here.

The prime Minister’s attendance in Switzerland begins tonight with several meet and greets sessions with influenced leaders.