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Trade top agenda on Najib-Trump meeting?

Trade top agenda on Najib-Trump meeting?
The meeting between Datuk Seri Najib (right) and Trump will be held at the Oval Office on Sept 12.
KUALA LUMPUR: The impending meeting between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and U.S. President Donald Trump could herald a new era in the two countries' relationship.

IQI Global chief economist Shan Saeed also opined that the meeting could boost foreign direct investment (FDI) in Malaysia and give further confidence to global investors to relocate their funds to this country.
"The meeting between Najib and Trump will be a significant one because Malaysia in an important player in the Belt and Road strategy.

"Malaysia's economy is growing. Most of the global economies would like to make strategic alliances and create pacts with other economies which are on the upsurge," he said during an interview with Astro AWANI's Markets Today on Monday.
Shan said another point of focus between the two leaders' meeting could be the domestic policy that Trump is championing for the U.S.

With the policy being highly protectionist, it is unsure if the U.S. would look for greater global trade with Malaysia.

"It's an area of concern, because other economies are following the open trade policy. On the other hand, the U.S. is following a very protectionist policy, which will actually hurt American consumers.

"If the U.S. is not going to come out and say they believe in open trade policy, it will then create inefficiencies and consumer loss for Americans," he said.

On the matter of security within the Southeast Asia landscape, Shan said he believed Trump will raise the issue of North Korea with Datuk Seri Najib.

"I think the U.S. and most major players in ASEAN have been very patient with North Korea and its off-and-on threats, which can create instability.

"The two leaders should try to diffuse the situation and engage the North Korean government to come to the table so they can have a meaningful dialogue. If not, it will be bad for the North Korean economy."

The two leaders are to have a one-to-one meeting at the Oval Office — the president’s private sanctum — before they join the expanded delegation meeting between their two teams.

The meeting, at the invitation of Trump, marks the 60th anniversary of bilateral ties between Malaysia and the United States.

The meeting will be held at the Oval Office on Sept 12.

Datuk Seri Najib is also expected to seek America's support to end the violence against the ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar.